About Visa

About Visa

1. Apply for VISA

Congratulation! You are officially matched and we will proceed to VISA application immediately! The VISA we apply is named ‘Training VISA‘. The purpose of the training VISA is to ensure the company is offering a valuable experience to you. In order to ensure successful VISA approval, you will have to send us the items below:

1.        Copy of Passport

2.        Copy of Certificate of Graduation (Original + English translated version)

3.        Copy of Academic Record (Original + English translated version)

4.        Copy of past employment proof (Original + English translated version)

5.        CV

6.        Training Entry ID 992A (Physical Copy)

7.        Career Plan/Motivation Letter

8.        Signed employment contract (To be provided by the company)

9.        Proof of other education background (If any)

2. Pending for approval

Once the VISA is submitted, the immigration department would issue a letter to the company stating your application is well received. There will be a reference code for your application. When you are pending for your VISA approval (which is approximately 4-6weeks), feel free to check your application status here!

Keep in mind that submission of VISA application does not necessarily mean VISA approval. In case the immigration department require additional documents (Can be from you or the company), we will need to wait for at least 2 more weeks for result announcement.

3. VISA approval & pick up

If VISA is approval, AIESEC officer will help you to pick it up. There are 2 means for you to activate your VISA:

a) Activate VISA upon arrival
To activate VISA upon arrival, our AIESEC officer will send you the VISA through speed-post. When you get your VISA, stick it to your passport. The immigration department will chop on it when you enter Hong Kong

b) Activate VISA after arrival
To activate VISA after arrival, our AIESEC officer will first pick you up at the airport and give you the VISA. You will have to stick it on your passport, go for a 1-day trip in Macau and enter Hong Kong again. The immigration department will chop on it upon your return to Hong Kong

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