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Past Events

Local Committee Induction Conference 2021

The whole local committee during the last day of LCIC doing our signature “Big Beans” pose. AIESEC in PolyU’s culture is to promote Love and Care + Breakthrough -- everything a small seedling needs in order to thrive, hence why we collectively call ourselves Big Beans! 

First Local Committee Gathering

Our members at the very first Local Committee Gathering for session 2021. The best way to take a break from midterms! Through fun Avengers-themed games and activities, everyone got to know each other better in a team-style competition.

Cata-pillar Camp 2021

Our members together with secondary school students at Cata-pillar Camp 2021. The Cata-Pillar Camp is a part of AIESEC in PolyU’s Nakupenda Summer project, which aims to foster cultural exchange, cultural awareness, and the development of global citizenship within youths in HK.

Who are we?

Established in 2005, AIESEC in PolyU is one of the largest AIESEC Local Committee (LC) in Hong Kong. We are proud to be the only LC to have a team named Engagement with AIESEC ( formerly named Incoming Global Volunteer team) who runs the annual Nakupenda Project. Our vision is to nurture confident leaders to inspiring others. We hope to bring this to reality with our mission to provide opportunities for PolyU students to build their confidence through creating their own impact and building a solid foundation to sustain youth leadership development. We believe that to inspire others, we ourselves must first be inspired. If you are a PolyU student, come and join AIESEC  and be surrounded by growth-seeking, inclusive and fun-loving peers!

We are recruiting!

For AIESEC Members Recruitment, it will be held during late August to early September. In the Recruitment Talk, you will get to know more about how AIESEC in PolyU can provide you with an integrated development experience full of challenging leadership opportunities!


The Recruitment Talk will be your first opportunity to:

  • Have global exposure by interacting with students from various backgrounds

  • Understand yourself more clearly and discover your passion

  • Become part of the Big Beans family!


Timeline of Recruitment events


Recruitment Talk: 2nd Sep - 3rd Sep, 6th Sep - 10th Sep

Application deadline: 14th Sep

Group interview: 20th Sep - 24th Sep

Individual interview: 27th Sep - 30th Sep

Result announcement: 1st Oct

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