Why people say I am doing these wrong at work?

In the working field, there are many competitions (I hope its in a good way) , rumours (and yea, I’m pretty sure it’s not a good thing), things happening around day by day. There’s surely no right or wrong. But to make life easier, (or maybe you want a hard life? ehh… maybe this is not for u 😉 let’s see what’s on Ria’s mind.

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Author: Ria Chopra, Officer of Outgoing Global Talent
Editor: Fiona Ho, Manager of Outgoing Global Talent
Session 2016-2017




#1 Always Saying “YES”

NOT how this world works. We need to realise that we don’t necessarily need to nod our heads and agree with what everyone is saying around us! Stop saying “Yes” to party in the weekend so as to be part of the group. Stop saying “Yes” to people who take advantage of you by passing their own responsibilities to you. Stop saying “Yes” to peer pressure.


#2 Caring too much about People’s opinions on yourself

From time to time, we meet people who might be judgmental or simply critical. As hard it is to escape such people, we shouldn’t take their comments seriously, unless they are trying to improve us. Giving to much attention to what people think about your dressing sense, your habits or even simply your way of talking, snatches all the self-love you deserve. You don’t need so much negativity in your life.

#3 Not saving enough

Trust me, that brand new type of Coffee from some branded shop isn’t necessary. That expensive leather jacket in the huge store you passed by isn’t worth it. The trendy shoes you are noticing on TV and in the streets aren’t important too. Fact is, all of the above would be feel the same if bought from a normal, affordable shop. Stop chasing your material desires. Stop looking rich. Start being rich.

#4 Afraid of being WRONG

Have you ever been afraid of asking a question in your lecture at college because you might sound dumb? What if you are wrong with your idea with that group project you are doing? Honestly, no one has the time in this world to decide whether you are right or wrong. The biggest mistake we are all making is by NOT MAKING ANY MISTAKES.

#5 Competing with others TOO much

Competition is good. It makes us realise about what we are lacking. It gives us the desire to become better everyday. But at the end of the day, it’s only a desire to become better than the OTHERS. You don’t need to compete with your friends or that super-intelligent classmate. You ONLY need to compete with WHOM YOU WERE YESTERDAY.


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