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Our Recruitment Process

Recruitment Talk

Join our recruitment talk and talk to our past members and get a close-up insight about AIESEC work and we would love to share our stories and experiences with you! 

  • Each university will hold their own recruitment talk to give students a better understanding of what events will be held throughout the year!

  • The duration of the recruitment talk is around 2 hours and you could meet our past members for us to share more about our stories and experience in AIESEC.

Expected Time: Early September 


After the recruitment talk, please don’t forget to fill in the application form, to be released. If your application is valid, you will be shortlisted for a group interview.

Expected Time: Mid September

Coffee Chat

After passing the group interview, you will be invited to have a coffee chat with your direct team leaders. This varies among different chapters.

Expected Time: Late September

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Our Chapters

We are a youth leadership movement.
We are passionately driven by one cause:  peace and fulfilment of humankind's potential.

AIESEC is available in these universities: CityU, CUHK, HKBU, HKU, HKUST and PolyU.


These universities are composed of various departments that cater to their specific university’s students in promoting and facilitating them in joining the exchange, including various volunteering and internship opportunities. The AIESEC HK will mainly be in charge to overlook all 6 universities and provide guidelines and support for all the members.

To achieve our ambition, we are always innovating to develop more young leaders in the world. This is why we look for aspiring and passionate youths who define themselves and the world not by who they are and what it is, but by what they can be and what it can be.

Each AIESEC team and member play a part in creating our youth leadership movement for the world.

What does an AIESEC member do?

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