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In AIESEC culture, it’s essential to dance at the beginning of every event! 


Enjoy monthly gatherings with the whole team!

AIESEC in HKBU 20.21

“Every new friend is a new adventure... the start of more memories.” The first ever physical gathering of the members of session 20.21! The night was filled with friendly greetings and great laughs the whole time. It was the start of our fruitful journey together!

Spring Conference in session 1819

You will enjoy overnight camps with everyone including members from other universities! This is a great opportunity for you to interact with others and have deep conversations about your growth in AIESEC with your members or strangers! 

Who are we?

AIESEC in HKBU,established in 1986,was the third university in Hong Kong to become part of AIESEC. Our culture is known to be people-oriented, supporting one another’s growth and embracing  each other's uniqueness. Our vision, which is “to be the first-choice youth leadership development organization for HKBU students”, striving  to provide leadership experiences through active engagement and providing various leadership opportunities for members to participate in. We believe that AIESEC is a safe platform for young people to experience  new things and be their true selves.

We are recruiting!

Curious of what else AIESEC has to offer? In our AIESEC Touch, we will dive into the story of Alice in Wonderland which connectects with the unique membership journey AIESEC provides. Through our interactive sessions not only will you know more about AIESEC, but you will be able to meet our team and new people, and get a glimpse of what it is like to be an AIESECer in HKBU! Sign up now for our AIESEC Touch @

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