Are you capable of going on an internship?

Every student wishes to stand out and define him/herself as a successful leader. Internships test the right skills and qualities of a pioneering leader in a student. Have you got the below 5 traits in you?

1. Observant
Do you notice little details around you?
Being OBSERVANT means that you aren’t ignorant of the people and events around you. You notice and gain ideas from animals as small as an ant to things as complex as Virtual Reality.

2. ADAPTABLEWhat would you do if your internship firm uses much more advanced technology?
An ADAPTABLE intern will fit him/herself very smoothly into the culture of the company. Adjusting to the nature of your surroundings are one of the most useful traits.

3. EFFECTIVE FACILITATORHave you ever been able to engage a group of introverted people?
An EFFECTIVE FACILITATOR requires patience and self-confidence. You are definitely a good facilitator if you can engage your audience during a presentation or sharing.

4. VERSATILE What would you do if your teammates are only skilled in one area?
Interns are VERSATILE humans. They aren’t the best and smartest of all but they can show their talent in majority of the aspect of their life. Hence, you should consider yourself eligible if you aren’t perfect but still manage to the above.


Are you a straight A student? 
Getting a perfect GPA and grades don’t define you always. But you are definitely special if you decide on a task and manage to finish it diligently. Employers wish to see RESULTS that come from quick actions and not grades.


AIESEC’s Global Talent projects provide just the right opportunities for you to develop the above 5 of the most crucial traits as a leader. We have some really powerful internships in which you can successfully display and develop your leadership skills on Opportunities Portal. CLICK ME to check out our projects!



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