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Members are wanted across different universities in Hong Kong!

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Our Experience

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Experience with AIESEC.

Whether your business is a hundred years or a few months old; not-for-profit or for-profit, work with AIESEC and gain access to distinguished local and international youth talents through local employer branding and international hiring programs.

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Develop your leadership through an overseas volunteering project.

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Develop your leadership through a professional teaching experience abroad.

Develop your leadership through professional program for Business and Engineering abroad.

Kiwi Kwok (Global Volunteer in Vietnam) 

Through holding workshops, my project - Global Navigator aimed to improve the English level of the Vietnamese youth from high school and universities. Working with 15 multi-national participants, I planned and facilitated 2 workshops per week, which involved interactive activities and discussions. We also talked about the Sustainable Development Goals because we believe as future leaders of society, Vietnamese youth need to learn about what’s happening around the world and find their role in contributing to it.

Utso Roy (Global Volunteer in Lithuania) 

During my six weeks in Lithuania, I was working as a trainer in a summer camp for Lithuanian teens. Along with 9 other exchange participants who were in the same team, our job was to hone the soft skills of these teens. These six weeks was all about helping them to figure out themselves, their values, their strengths and above all, what their future outlook was.

Song Haeyuen (Marketing and Sales intern at Hitachi, Japan) 

My internship experience in Hitachi has not just been about learning Japanese business and Japanese culture. In Japan, there is culture of drinking with fellow colleagues after work – called ‘Nomikai’. In Nomikai, people usually do not talk about works but share their life stories. Nomikais are a direct opportunity to learn from others’ experiences and thus called ‘Nomunication’. It is through Nomunication that I have obtained many invaluable pieces of advice on career building and life in general. Had there not been Nomunication, neither would I have fully enjoyed the internship nor deepened my insight into the working world this much.


We provide youth with a chance to see the world.
Because if you see it, then you can start to understand it; and if you understand it, then you can start to change it.

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Boasting a presence in 120+ countries and territories and 4000+ tertiary institutions worldwide, AIESEC is the world’s largest non-political, not-for-profit youth-run organization that strives to develop leadership in youth.

Believing that youth leadership is the fundamental solution to unlock a better future, every year we engage more than 50,000 youths for leadership development through cross-cultural exchanges and management opportunities.

Members are wanted across different universities in Hong Kong!

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